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Prize Winners (Lauréats)

Prize Winners / Lauréats

IASPM Canada Book Prize:

IASPM Canada awards an annual prize to members whose published books make a substantial contribution to the field. Click on any book titles to be taken to their official publisher's page/shop.


L’IASPM-Canada récompense les membres dont les ouvrages publiés apportent une contribution substantielle au domaine.

2018 (view comments)

  • Research Creation in Music and the Arts by Sophie Stevance and Serge Lacasse

  • American Folk Music as Tactical Media by Henry Svec (Honourable Mention)

2017 (view comments / les commentaires)

2016 (view comments)


Peter Narvaez Memorial Student Paper Prize:

Peter Narvaez joined IASPM-Canada soon after it was created in 1983. Through his passionate and engaged scholarship, his love of music and culture in all its forms (but especially the blues!), his sense of and struggle for social justice, as well as his generosity and respect towards others [especially students], he made a significant and unique contribution to the organization.

The student paper prize in Peter’s name honors Peter’s contributions to the organization and his particular enthusiasm and support for student participation IASPM at all levels.


Peter Narvaez s’est joint à l’IASPM-Canada peu après sa création en 1983. À travers son érudition, son engagement universitaire et sa passion, son amour de la musique et de la culture sous toutes ses formes (mais spécialement du blues!), sa lutte pour la justice sociale, ainsi que sa générosité et son respect envers les autres (en particulier les étudiantes et étudiants), il a apporté une contribution importante et unique à l'organisation.

Le Peter Narvaez Memorial Student Paper Prize honore cette contribution exceptionnelle, l’enthousiasme remarquable de Peter Narvaez et son soutien à la participation des étudiantes et étudiants à tous les niveaux de l’IASPM-Canada.

 2018: (view comments)

  • “Goldie and the Gingerbreads: A Case Study of the All-Girl Band in 1960s Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Brittany Greening

2017 (view comments / les commentaires)

  • “‘All I Know Is All I Know’: Canadian Heavy Metal Girlhood in the Music of Kittie.” by Clare Neil

2016 (view comments)

  • “Viral Language, Viral Bodies: Sounding Politics in Laurie Anderson’s ‘Language is a Virus (from Outer Space)’” by Maria Murphy